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AuditX is the bridge between the Canadian Energy Auditing Industry and modern technology. With 7 years of experience in the industry, we have a strong understanding of the pain points that Service Organizations go through. That is why we combined our knowledge with modern web technology to simply the Energy Auditing business.

Our findings took us from developing an in-house tool for our auditors to a business-scale platform focused on bringing the best tools to the energy auditing sector. Our auditors greatly appreciate the time it saves them, cutting down as much as 4 hours from an audit report. We also love the amazing book-keeping capabilities which simplify your daily tasks when it comes to managing your business.


Our vision is simple: create the most usable auditing platform that will erase hours of hassle and put money and time back into the pocket of the Service Organization. To do this we have done extensive reseach on how to optimize performance and usability when it comes to audits.

We like to consider ourselves more than just a platform for business. We are a voice for energy auditors to imagine and design the right tool for them. Joining our network means having the ability to guide us in our project plans as well since we can only grow if we continue to rely on the knowledge of those getting real work done. Join today and tell us about any features that you or your organization would love to see included on the platform.

Our Tech
Take AuditX Everywhere

We know the auditing process happens in multiple locations, that's why we've built our platform to be highly responsive so that you can be confident where ever you are using it.

Unlimited Photo Uploads

Attach unlimited photos to your audit and categorize them by house section. These photos can then be transformed into one compact zip file to send along with other important docs to any filing agency. Photos are stored securely and you can always view, add or remove them.

Tailored PDFs

Easily download custom pdfs using your audit data with the click of a button. We support invoices (both client and auditor), NRCan, HER Off Grid, Air Sealing Acknowledgment, HER Participation, Retrofit, and H2K. Pdfs will automatically be stored on our cloud so you can quickly go back to see previously generated files.

Signatures Included

Remove all the hassle of having to print and scan documents just so your clients can sign them. Your clients can now sign important documents right on the platform.